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Important information about COVID-19

Keep calm, wash your hands and get the latest updates.

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Health News

social distancing

What does social distancing mean?

The rules have been changing rapidly.

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staying calm

Coping with the stress of COVID-19

Helpful tips for the quarantined, social distancers and parents.

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Sports Safety


Is it safe to exercise when I'm sick?

When you’re under the weather, it may be OK to skip the gym.

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Why kids need sports clearance exams

They can potentially save a young athlete’s life.

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Concussions: Are contact sports safe for kids?

Parents may have a hard time deciding if their kids should play.

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Healthy Eating


Crispy baked chicken wings

No one will believe you when you say they aren't fried!

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Mexican corn deviled eggs

Kick back and enjoy the game with this twist on deviled eggs.

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Beef and black bean chili

Bake some corn tortilla chips and this becomes a hearty dip.

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Mental Health


How to cope with anxiety

Some worry is normal. Here’s what to do when it becomes debilitating.

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How to recognize when you're depressed

Because most people with depression can function, symptoms can be harder to spot.

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How to meditate

Research confirms its benefits for health and well-being.

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First Aid


What's in your home first-aid kit?

Are you ready for the next cut, scrape or fever?

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The do's and don'ts of home burn care

Knowing how to handle a burn at home can prevent more serious injury.

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Family Health


Why children need blood pressure screenings

It's a growing problem that's hard to detect.

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How to tell if your child has asthma

It's the most common chronic condition in young children.

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10 ways to prevent a drowning

Take these steps to avoid a tragedy in the water.

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Health Tips


Are you getting enough sleep?

With today's busy lifestyles, sleep deprivation is a common and serious problem.

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How to quit smoking — forever

Quitting smoking for good is hard. These strategies can help you.

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When to worry about your headache

Most headaches are no cause for concern. Others carry red flags you should know about.

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Acetaminophen: Too much is dangerous for your liver

When it’s cold and flu season, fatally overdosing on acetaminophen is all too easy.

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